Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The very near future and very recent past...

I haven’t posted in a while as nothing interesting has really happened with poker since my score at The Poker Room; no home games (it is so hard to get a decent sized group together), haven’t been back to The Poker Room (it is really out of the way considering that (a) it is kind of far to travel to play 2/2 or 2/5 NL w/ 100max or a really fast tournament and (b) even if you’re rolled for some of those games you can’t realistically play them at a high volume on a daily basis), but I have played a bit online occasionally in some MTTs just feeding the tournament poker addiction. My last one ended with KK < JJ semi-deep in the tourney and a lot have been similar, but I can’t really complain as I’m logging a REALLY small volume recently.

As of late I’ve just been trying to relax. High school is over and I start college in a week, which I’m actually really excited for…, which is weird, sort of. This is probably the first time I’ve ever been excited for school to start, but I know that this is going to be a very fun and amazing part of my life and I suppose that that intrigues me. I love life currently; school starts soon, I’ve lost over 50lbs and feel amazing being in great shape, and my second favorite lust in life is starting in 10 days – Fantasy Football. As defending champion of our league I’m extra excited to start playing again.

I’m not sure how much poker I’ll play being a full time student, but I’m sure I’ll get my fair share of hands logged. I can joke about it but obviously school will have to be #1, as I don’t want to play poker for a living. I used to have dreams of that when I was younger and very naïve/immature, but I realized after logging almost 80k (I know a lot of ballers out there would yawn at that number but it was a lot to me then… and now even) hands in 2007 that poker is such a sick game to play in mass quantity. The swings are such that I really think most people out there (including a lot of people who currently play it for a living) should being playing in a part-time manner, as that is the way I most enjoy poker. I find it so easy to get burned out, even switching games. IMO, poker is most enjoyable as a very serious hobby, but nonetheless a bit of a hobby. I ran good for a long while when I was logging a ton of hands and built up a strong bankroll, as soon as things started going downhill I nitted up and stashed a bunch away in the bank. I believe this to be one of the best decisions of my life. This not because I was smart for doing it at the time, but because looking back on how I played a lot of the games with one years more experience and a better understanding of how to play I don’t see how I would have avoided going broke! I really think my approach in some situations was horrific. But that’s for another discussion…

I was rambling there for a bit. In other news I went to Universal Orlando on Sunday with my mother as a kind of late high school graduation/early starting college gift. I think Express Passes are mandatory to have a good time in places like that, as we never had to wait in lines for any rides until later in the afternoon. The wait was however long it took you to speed walk through the ropes. We had a blast at both parks and I look forward to going down there again to Halloween Horror Nights in October with my friends.

Also, it turns out I will be helping one of my two best friend’s little brother as a tutor when he needs it for his upcoming school year (8th grade) that just started. He’s actually been put into a few of our home games by his mother so I had a flash of teaching him a bunch of simple math involving poker… I saw the next Jimmy Fricke (because the kid is pretty overweight), haha, but for now I’ll just stick to what I’m being paid for (a pretty strong $15/hr under the table) – Pre-Algebra.

I’m hoping to get a home game going at the beginning of September. Preferably cash, but sometimes you have to settle for what you can get. :/

GL to everyone at the tables.

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