Monday, November 12, 2007

My first really big online tournament

I've mainly stuck to SNGs and cash for the past few months and I've built enough up to where I'm gonna start playing more big MTTs. I started today in a 20k guaranteed on Stars. $10 for $3500+ would be nice...

I played really patient early on. Lost a small pot with A-K that I probably could of won pre-flop. Then chopped my way back to 1500. In the 50-100 level I flopped a straight with J-8 out of the BB against an early position limper's top pair and won a sizable pot to get up over 2500. Then...

Blinds 75-150:
UTG raises to 450 (pretty loose player, he just played a huge pot with 8-8 pre-flop vs Q-Q and sucked out to grab a massive amount of chips).
MP player calls, folds to me in the BB with A-K, in my opinion there's only one move here with the amount of money that is out there, and I make it - all in for about 2500. UTG insta-calls AND MP player calls. I'm dead right?

UTG - Ah-Qh
MP- Ac-Tc

No one pairs up or makes a flush and A-K holds for the 6000 pot.

A few hands later with the blinds at 100-200:
I raise in MP with As-Js to 500, Button min-raises to 1000 (he's been very active with min-raises preflop), I call 500 more (Looking back I hate the call here out of position, I can just dump it and find a better spot).

Flop: J-7-3 rainbow

I decide to check-raise here because he's short (mistake 2), and we get it in with him having K-K and I lose a big pot I shouldn't have played. So now I'm down to 1900 (under 10BBs).

Still 100-200 level:
Loose player min-raises in late position, I ship it with J-J from the BB, he folds.
--2 hands later--
Same player min-raises to 400, I ship it with A-K and he calls with Kd-Qd. He flops Jd-10d-x so I have to fade a ton of outs and I do so to double through to 5000.

Go card dead as the antes come into play around the bubble (grrrreat... [rolling eyes]). Didn't get to rob the squeakers too much. Got into the money with about 10BBs and started getting some hands to pick up all of the dead money. K-Js in LP, K-Q in LP, A-A UTG and won every pot before the flop. Built myself up to about 7000 going into 300-600 w/50 ante.

During that level I blinded down to about 5000 and made a standard play of moving in a very short stack from the SB with A-10, he woke up with 10-10 and doubled through me. I was down to 3000.

Went down to 2800, moved in from the button with K-5s, SB woke up with A-10 called and busted me. I doubled my investment but could care less, I played well, ran okay, and I know I'll hit one of these with time.