Friday, February 16, 2007


... what are you gonna do, limits got high and I missed one of the biggest draws you can have in Omaha 8/b. I had the nut diamond draw, nut low draw, open ended straight draw, and ten high club draw (all of which were live draws) and I bricked the river. I 4 bet almost every street in that hand until the river blanked, then I angrly check-folded. That left me with like 980 with 400/800 limits, I got in on the 2nd hand of Razz with 7-5-2, and basically bricked every street aside from an 8 on 6th that gave me a glimmer of hope as the river came... a Jack. The guy won with a Ten low. It was the O8 hand that did it though. There's no way anyone in the world would ever fold that hand, I've got over half the deck in my favor in a 3 way pot.

The BIG hand went like this:

(I didn't stick around at the table for the Hand History, so sorry to anyone who would rather read that.)

Game: Omaha 8/b; 300/600 Limits

I had Ad 2d Tc 9c on the button.

I called a 2 bet from early position, as did the SB.

Flop came Kc 8d 7d. (I flopped the nut low draw, nut flush draw, and an open ended straight draw... HUGE flop for me.)

Turn came a Qc. (This gives me a club draw to go with everything else... although I don't even have a pair, I'm a favorite over ANY hand.)

River is a 2s. ($%#@&!!!... ARE YOU SERIOUS?) I missed everything.

Because of the fact that we 4 bet the flop and turn I lost 4,200 of my 5,200 and I was basically doomed. GG me!

Atleast I didn't pay the $216 to enter, I satellited in for $24 so it doesn't feel so bad. I kinda liked the structure (5,000 to start would have been great, as opposed to the 3,000), but the play was just so weird for an event of that magnitude that I was VERY shocked. I mean it felt like half the people at my table should have been playing $5 HORSE SNG's, they just didn't understand any of the games... especially Limit Hold 'Em.

You would think that being the most popular form of poker, people would atleast understand the basics of Hold 'Em (Wait... America only cares about NO LIMIT Hold 'Em - my bad.) They missed so many bets and limped pre-flop WAY too much. In LHE, if you're 1st to enter a pot you either raise or fold. Period. You can limp in behind a limper, or flat call a 2 bet, but don't ever just limp in first... you are missing a bet for all the people who limp in behind. If you miss then you lost 2 bets, but if you hit (with a good hand) you win 2 bets from every player that called the raise... it's VERY simple.
[Block copying and inserting into LHE chapter of book.]