Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deuce 9 tourney starts and ends poorly

First time in a while we've actually had a good turnout for a tournament. 9 people is pretty huge considering what we normally get. 3 of the 9 players were complete first timers at the Deuce 9. I was expecting 10 (maybe 11 if his friend came), so I started the tourney out with 2 tables. Once it turned out that the guy wasn't coming (I received no phone call at the time or even an e-mail in the following days) I ended up collapsing it down to 1 table of 9. So we ended up playing a few levels 4 handed at my starting table. During this time I managed to lose almost half my stack (start with 10k) by getting drawn out on in numerous pots.

All mainly from one player, Shane (1 of the new players that I had no info on, other than some story he told about trying to bluff people at The Poker Room and how they always called him [yet he kept trying...?]), who if he couldn't hold over me would just out draw me. They weren't very interesting hands to get into:

Had J-J, raised pre, bet flop of T-8-2 (two spades), bet turn: 2 (no spade), check/called river bet when the 4s came. He had 6s-3s.

Had K-Ts, he limped UTG (which he did just about every hand from every position; utg, button, sb), button folded, I raised to 4x from the SB looking to pick it up sincing he was limping really light (I don't mind a limp just because I'm OOP, but I really felt like going after his limps since it was short handed), BB folded, he called. Flop: K-x-x, I bet and he calls. Turn: x, I bet and he calls. River: 4, after being called twice with no draws out I slow down and check, he bets half pot and I call. He tables K-4. Wow.

I combined to 1 table around this time.

I went into the combined table with about 5400 of my starting 10k with blinds at 300/600 w/50. Very first hand I picked up K-K in EMP and just shipped as its more likely to get action than a small raise (imo). MP tanked for a minute but folded, everyone else insta-folded. 3 hands later I had A-K UTG, someone said something about being aggro and moving in while I was counting out chips for a raise so I thought that some of the bad players that were in LP would read too much into this and call lighter, not that I wasn't moving in regardless. I just thought giving a little shoulder shrug after that comment and then moving might have helped get me a call, but it didn't. So I was up over 8k. There were so many suck-outs at that table towards the end, not that it means anything, but it provided a lot of excitement for the newer players. SS got it in with A-7 vs A-T, Flop: 7-7-A. He went out shortly after his double up though. Corey got it in with A-6 vs A-4, River: 4. We were down to 6 players when my big hand came up:

I'm in the BB with A-7o, it folds around to the button. The button is one of the 3 new players, not only is she new here but she is really new to poker (yes, a she.) and she was limping in a lot with marginal hands where she obv didn't understand stack sizes in relation to the blinds. So she limps the button for 1600 (at 800/1600 w/200). SB folded and I made a trivial ship vs her range and considering how much was already out there. She then tanked for quite a while but then finally called the 9100 more and left herself with about 3-4k. She turned over Q-2o. Wow.

Flop: A-J-2

Turn: 2

River: J


Obviously I wasn't that big of a favorite pre and I didn't get upset at the table about it (on the outside, lol) but it was pretty sick to just never have chips for the whole tournament because your fighting uphill with the deck, but to still get it and be 80% with 2 pulls for a 25k pot and lose was brutal. Atleast I didn't have to sweat it to the river... haha.

A few hands after that, Nick opened UTG for 5000 (still 800/1600), it folded to Don in the BB who shipped 4-4. Nick called all-in for another 15k or so with A-8 and they were flipping for the 40k+ pot that was almost half the chips in play.

Flop: A-8-4, wowzers.

Nick jumped up w/o seeing the 4, and Don yelled, "Yes!" Nick realized he was crushed and sat back down.

Turn: 2

River: Ah

Eruption of yells from all the new players (just like when the 2 hit vs me on the turn). Don nearly broke my table when the Ace hit the river.

It left Don with only about 5-6k. He shipped the SB the very next hand and Nick folded 4-4 with 1600 already in!!! So bad... The very next hand Don shipped the button with Qc-9c and got called by the girl in the BB with A-Q. Flop: Q-Xc-Xc, Turn: X, River Jc. Another suckout!

Don ended up doubling through Nick with T-T vs a naked Ace. Nick then lost a bunch of pots to Don and went out.

Thomas was down to about 8-9k playing 1/2000 w/300. He was in the BB. Don raised UTG to 6000, folded to girl in SB who moved in for 10k, and Thomas called AI with 9-9 from the BB. Don called the extra.

Don - AQ
Megan - 55
Thomas - 99

Flop: 2-3-4
Turn: K
River: K

Thomas jumped out of his chair screaming, "YES, YES, I finally doubled up with the best hand at the D9!"

She went out shortly after that since she was left with about 3k. They were in the money, Thomas, Don and Kurt (who played a standrd flip of TT vs AK early at the FT and didn't play a hand after that).

Blinds 1200/2400 w/300. Don folds button, Kurt limps SB for 1200 (~15k stack), and Thomas checks (~20k stack).

Flop: A-K-7, two diamonds.

Kurt open shoves and Thomas snap-calls.

Kurt - 43dd
Thomas - T9dd

The T9 held and they were HU.

Thomas made a bunch of re-steals early on getting Don down about 2-1 in chips. Then they got it in. Thomas Ah-8h vs Don's 6-6, Don won the flip.

Blinds went up, Thomas shipped the button with T-6, Don woke up with T-T and that was it.

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