Friday, October 12, 2007

Long time, no post

I haven't posted in a while for one reason - haven't played live in a while. Which is basically the only time I ever post on here. School has kept me from playing as much as I would like. The past few weeks I've been crushing the 45-SNGs on FTP when I get the chance to play, though.
Here's 2 wins just these past 2 weeks:I wish I could get 'em bigger, but this is 'large' (not so in my opinion)
[Yes, I do enjoy changing my avatar weekly...]

I don't keep much track of the 4ths and 3rds, but I did have one 2nd last week.


I played live a few days ago. 4 handed NL cash - 25c/50c - with some friends.

I ended up down $5 (out of $50) after losing a big pot early and grinding myself back to near even. There were 2 exciting hands that happened the whole night - both all-ins both between the same 2 players.

Hand 1:

UTG (Corey's little brother who for some reason decided to play with us. He doesn't really do anything but open shove with marginal hands - AJ, KQ, KJ, QJ, small pairs) open shoves for $21, UTG+1 folds, I have Ah-Qh in the SB, BB jokingly folds out of turn.

I was ready to fold because calling here just doesn't seem right. I can fold and keep grinding away a profit (like I've been doing VERY well up to this point - up $10 without showing a hand). I was ready to fold when I decided I'd show him (even though I was 90% ready to fold) just to see if I get a reaction, then maybe I'll reconsider. I say, "It's not a tournament so I can show before I do anything..." I flipped over the A-Q of hearts and he then (without me saying anything) flipped over Ks-Qs and said, "Okay." He gave the initial impression that he thought I had called - which I then quickly did after seeing how far ahead I was. He was confused and said whatever run the board. I differred from running it twice obviously.


10-9-2, rainbow


J, "ugh."


A, "nh..." [rolling eyes]

Hand 2:

The hand before Don raised UTG to $2, I folded, Corey folded, The Live One min-raised to $4, and Don moved in with J-J and picked up the pot. The Live One had K-10 I believe.

I had A-K off UTG and made it $2, Corey folded, The Live One min-raised to $4, Don folded, I thought if I shoved he might call with a lot of hands (he looked bored and ready to do something "exciting"), I shoved for like $35 and he beat me into the pot with an insta-call with... 5-5.

I chose to run this one twice as I didn't really wanna flip a coin for $70.

1st Flop: A-x-x Turn: x River: x

2nd Flop: 5-4-3 Turn: x River x

So we chopped it up and that was basically it for the night...

We should be having a tournament sometime soon. I can't wait.

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