Monday, September 15, 2008

Quarter-Fifty and Making Nitty Folds

Finally got to play some live. I got 6 people to come and play full stack BI cash poker. I was excitied considering how hard that can be sometimes.

I will just start off with the biggest hand of my night, not the biggest pot I played (not close), but definately the weirdest spot I was in during the whole session.

This was very early, probably during the first 10-15 hands played. This particular player is one of the tightest players there is. He is most likely the person at the table who I have the biggest volume of hands logged against (although it may be close with another player). I don't have a full stack heading into this hand as the exact pot prior to this I lost a big one in a cooler (which I'll post second). In this hand I think his range really only includes JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AK, and maybe TT (from my experience with this player he is flatting behind with AK and TT in this spot more often than not as he is the kind of person who would consider them to be "drawing hands" in this spot). I can't flat the raise OOP with almost nothing behind, imo. I'll only have about a half-pot bet left. If the flop comes 9-high do I still stack off? It changes nothing. With all of this in mind AND it being very early (which imo makes it very less likely for this player to be "fooling around" as he is the kind who will not want to bust out early, since he only has $20 in cash in his wallet if he were to go bust). I think I made a standard play vs. THIS player. I hate folding QQ with a ~64BB stack, but this player is so tight. He may have played 5 more pots after this one during the remaining 3.5 hours of the cash games...

The big hand from before was against the other player with whom I have a ton of hands played. The hands turns into a complete cluster-fuck on the river and I have to shut it down as I'm putting him on AK (maybe with Kd), AQ, maybe AJ or QQ/AA. Either way, if he wasn't already full he got there on the river. Turns out the Js was a great card for me to save money.

This hand with AK played pretty standard, I just flatted the flop as this is the kind of player who will barrell away if you let him, plus in my case I think raising the flop really defines my hand for him... and I like checking back IP on the turn to induce a bluff or thin value bet from him on the river. He claimed he had an 8... so I guess the check behind really did confuse him.

This is another hand vs the player from the AK hand, I called OTB because I feel that this player doesn't play very well OOP and we're both really deep at the time. With such a huge draw I like raising the flop vs. a weak flop lead. Once he leads the after getting raised on the flop I decide to slow down. Once I make Kings up it's hard to give him a 5 or a set (besides 66) so I make an easy call. I was lucky to dodge the heart outs and hit the pair outs. :)

Not much to say here, just a nice pot to win.

Same with this pot. He snap-checked the flop and looked upset with it, as he was losing a bit and not too happy. So that's why I think my J is good on the turn as he probably bets most mid-pairs on the turn after I check back the flop. I get a good river but I'm fairly certain that I was ahead on the turn anyway.

Did Don beat me in a pot? :/

Went after 2 particular people's blinds a lot (one was the mega-TAG from the QQ hand). Thomas has the ability to 3bet light (as seen he can open 9d7d after a limp). JJ are huge vs his BB 3bet range. (He had KQ).

This was one of the last hands of the night. I got sandwiched between both players but they raised such incorrect ammounts I was pot-stuck to call IP with deep stacks. Both players could not have looked less interested in the pot after the flop came all high cards. They both quickly checked and kept their eyes glued to the game on TV. After they did it again o the turn I couldn't give up that big pot out there. They each claimed 99 (SB) and 88 (UTG).

That was one of the last few hands of the night. We had 6 people come and only one busted out (then left). I booked a little more than a full BI win, which is great considering how bad things started out for me.

Thomas stayed in town for Sunday to watch (more like sweat) all the NFL games with our fantasy players. I've started 0-1 since losing to Thomas last week, as I write this I'm in good shape to beat Corey and get back to .500 but we'll see what happens on Monday night. In other sports news for me the Jaguars look aweful on offense for the second week in a row, but the Gators look great and should roll over Tenn this weekend.

After 3 weeks of college I'm still enjoying it, which is a good thing considering how much I've been bored with school in the past. I want to play some golf soon!!!

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